AtmoOrb - LEDs Light but Can't be Controlled via UDP

  • Cross-posting from the MediaPortal forum since my post has been awaiting approval for a few hours. Sorry!

    The AtmoOrb tutorial is great, but I'm having trouble getting it set up - I have the Photon and the NeoPixel Ring plugged in and the sketch uploaded (sketch is below), but can't get a response from the lights.

    When I power up it breaths cyan but that's it - neither the AtmoOrb app, Hyperion, or MediaPortal can get any change. I switched Rings and got the same thing, so I'm assuming I'm missing something with the software side. I have FastLED 3.1.5 and it all compiles/flashes without any errors.

    Uploading a simple NeoPixel sketch with a rainbow cycle works just fine, so the LEDs seem to be addressing okay. Maybe it's a UDP/Multicast issue? I left all values as default but haven't used Multicast before. I'm using an R7000 router which apparently works well with Multicast. Any help is appreciated!


  • I was able to get the Orb working but only if it's in the primary Hyperion instance - I still have the problem of Hyperion starting before the USB grabber so the primary instance crashes. I have to run it manually, after which it works. However, having the Orb on Instance 2 and then starting Instance 1 to forward the screengrab doesn't seem to work. When I switched the Orb to Instance 1, it works perfectly.

    Could there be something about the UDP transmission that doesn't initialize if it doesn't have the feed from the primary instance running first? I can move the WS2801 to the secondary instance if so, the WS2812B worked there. Thanks!

  • Of course.

    Primary (this one crashes out during startup so I have to start it manually via SSH)


    For good measure, here are the logs as well.




  • Noticed it previously when setting up with HyperCon1.0.2 I believe, it got reset at some point to another default value just not sure why.

  • I manually set the IP to and the port to 64700 just to rule out an IP or port conflict. It successfully connects on the primary instance, just not the secondary. Today I'm going to try reversing with the WS2801 to see if that works. Thank you for your help!

  • I played with this more and can confirm that moving the AtmoOrb to Instance 1 (with forwarding) and WS2801 to Instance 2 works just fine. All I did was switch the devices/LED configs and they lit right up, no idea why there would be a difference. Thank you!

  • Yeah should be no difference in the order but could have been that a Hyperiond process was still running the background conflicting with the other instance :)

  • This is a good hint, as long we can´t really control this (on oe/le/rp). Or we mod the with a check against running process to prevent double execution.

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