How to build light version of hyperion

  • Hi

    many thanks for your great job

    in the last version added ability to build a light version of hyperion



    • Allow to build a "light" version of Hyperion, i.e. no grabbers, or services like flat-/proto buffers, boblight, CEC

    how can i build light version for windows 11?

    I have another question and i dont know i should make another thread or ask it here...

    i installed qt 6.2.2 and when i try to build for windows 11 it gave me this error

  • Quote

    -- Could NOT find Qt6SerialPort (missing: Qt6SerialPort_DIR)


    but the target was not found. Possible reasons include:

    regards pclin

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    do i need to create issue on github?

    No. Sorry, I am currently on vacation and have no access to the system for a detailed answer with screenshots.

    In Qt 6.x the Serial support is via an additional components.

    When you install Qt6, you need to select the Serial Component to be installed extra. That you have missed.

    In case you do want to build a reduced „light“ version of Hyperion without Serial Devices , you can disable the serial device type anyway (and the error will go away too).

    how can i build light version for windows 11?

    You enable the HYPERION_LIGHT option for the build (or change DEFAULT_HYPERION_LIGHT to „On“ in the CMakeList.txt.

    In this section you see what is disabled for Hyperion Light. at a608c336dcf0405dedddb11655c6fd8d62fb1911 · hyperion-project/
    The successor to Hyperion aka Hyperion Next Generation - at a608c336dcf0405dedddb11655c6fd8d62fb1911 · hyperion-project/

    You can modify as per your needs or set the relevant cmake options.

    PS: Sorry that the answers are on that level, but this is what I am able to cover answering via mobile.

    In Case of additional questions, please ping where you are stuck.

  • Hi Lord-Grey

    i face to this error

    C:\Users\:)\Hyperion\include\grabber/DispmanxFrameGrabber.h(9,10): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'dlfcn.h': No such file or directory [C:\Users\:)\Hyperion\build\libsrc\api\hyperion-api.vcxproj]

    i want to make ultra light version for my pc

    just adalight and wled for control leds and dx,qt for screen capture

    there is no need to usb capture, network and remote stuff, boblight server

    effect configurator and web configurator

  • google - Cannot open include file: 'dlfcn.h'

    And why do you need a light build for Windows?

    regards pclin

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    i face to this error

    Would you mind sharing the output of your cmake run?

    It looks like you have not set the relevant flags correctly.

    The error comes from dispmanx which is to be always off on Windows…

    Your changed CMakeList file might help here too

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